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It can be difficult finding the right websites and information in a foreign country to enhance your adventure and make it a more enjoyable experience. I have compiled a list split on geographic regions of useful sites. These contain accommodation, working, meeting locals, ride share/car pooling, public transport, etc.

Global (stay with locals) (work in exchange for food and accommodation) (like helpx but only organic farms. This is probably bigger than helpx but I don't use) (member hostels around the world. You need to be a member and these won't show up on hostel world or hostel bookers. They have a different name in each country e.g. YHA in Australia, Auberges de Jeunesse in France) (good site to learn languages)

Australia (everything! Accommodation, jobs, buy/sell/free, ride share, and more) (farm jobs for 2nd year WHV) (buy a car) (hire cheap beerbackpacker camper van) (more classy camper van hire) (public transport in Brisbane. Bus, train and ferry) 

Europe (ride share around Europe, this site is bigger in UK than other countries)

France (Trains in France. The official French and cheapest site. They do have English versions based on the country you are from but they charge you extra so do it in French) (the biggest ride share site in France, owned by blablacar) (ride share with no profit to the site, contact details displayed) (cheap French buses, they also go to London, Brussels and Italy)

Spain (find sharehouse) (Trains in Spain) (Buses in Spain) (the best Spanish language school in Spain, in San Sebastian)  (the most used ride share site in Spain. Ensure you put .es)

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