Confessions of a Dark Green Jacket

This is the story of a jacket.

Name: Bolt
Country of Birth: China
Nationality: Australian
Age: Unknown
Race: A mix of some tough quality materials (tag completely faded)

Hi, I'm Trent's jacket. Many of you have met me but have never been properly introduced, Trent is a bit inconsiderate sometimes. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and realise I may not be around forever so I want to talk about my time with Trent before I go.

Us sleeping outside together

I remember the day we met, Trent was 15 and he was supposed to catch a bus to school from Port Macquarie to Kempsey. He was pretty lazy back then and missed his bus and somehow ended up over 300km west in the country music capital of Australia, Tamworth. He was a soft coasty boy and couldn't handle the cold us country folk go through every winter. He was desperate for me to be his companion. At the time I didn't expect a relationship with an immature 15 year old boy would turn into something serious but 13 years later we are now experiencing South America together.

Keeping him warm in Galicia
 Things between us weren't always so great and it still has its moments now. He would depend on me for warmth and comfort during the winter nights in Australia. Then when I thought our relationship was getting stronger he would neglect me and lock me away in the cupboard for 6 months, sometimes without allowing me to wash. You should have seen some of the company I had in there. It was a very dark place.


He usually likes other material between us. At first I was excited to experiment.  Sometimes exotic silky garments feel quite nice and the quality was always improving. In Spain and France there were often five of us sharing cold nights together.

I was excited when he originally asked me to travel France and Spain with him but it was a blended experience. We spent a lot more time together but he started to lack variety with the other material he brought into this relationship. Always bringing in the same stuff and sometimes they weren't clean and could be quite smelly, I tried to talk to him about it but he never listens. The material was also getting cheaper and sometimes 2nd hand, yuk! He blames his travel budget and promises things will get better one day. I honestly don't know why I always comfort him and keep him warm.

Snowboarding together

Although, sometimes he does do weird cute things. Occasionally him and a girl will quickly rip us off and do some sort of weird protest dance to show that they don't need us. The faces and noises they make are actually quite funny and entertaining. The protests never last long and we are soon back together. It's cute when he tries to be independent.  
The Louvre together

He still surprises me sometimes. In November we are going to Canada, our 5th continent together, this time he promised we would spend everyday together. I thought it was so romantic. Then I did some Googling and saw the temperatures in Canada and now I suspect he might be just using me to keep him warm and break his falls.

Occasionally I catch him looking at other jackets in fancy stores, it makes me cry. I don't know how I've held myself together for so long, especially with what he puts me through. I worry that one day I will start to fall apart and he will just discard me in my biggest moment of need. Even after all I've done for him and what we've been through together.

If he ever does try to replace me with a younger thinner model I promise I will break my zip and never let him go. If they cut me off him at least I will die holding the love of my life... it's a cruel world.

Warm Regards,
Dark Green Outside Layer

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