Friday, 8 November 2013

Salamanca, Spain: The Golden City

After a long bus journey from Vigo I arrived in Salamanca in the middle of the night. Waiting for me at the bus station was Elena & Laura, two of my new hosts, and Mojko the little dog and man of the house. It was mid-night when we arrived home so I quickly said hello to their other housemate (her name escapes me) and went to bed. The 3 girls are all very easy going university students.

The girls were off to uni early in the morning so after a sleep in I headed out to explore the city by myself. Slamanca is unique compared to other cities I have seen. The ancient buildings are made from a yellow stone, making it very beautiful and earning it the nickname of the Golden City. The city has the oldest (or second oldest, conflicting stories) univesity in Spain, 4th oldest continuing university in the western world and 1st university to gain official status as a university by the pope. The city also has a 2000 year old Roman bridge with some of the arches still being original.

During my south guided tour I loved the city so much I opened my own restaurant.

That night Elena cooked an awesome dinner then we were off to a bar where 3 Euro buys 5 beers.

My 3 Hosts, one of their friends, y Yo
The next day was more solo exploring during the day, another visit to my favourite cafe and another family dinner at night... cooked by me. We also watched some terrible TV.

2.20 Euro para Cafe y Tortitas.

The next day I awoke to an empty house (my promise of getting up early to say goodbye wasn't kept). After leaving a thankyou note I was off to Madrid via Bla Bla Car.

My Bla Bla Car driver was a slightly crazy 26 year old Spansih girl, Violeta. She is also a traveller so we had a lot to talk about. During the ride she offered for me to stay at her place.

Next stop El Capital, Madrid.

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