Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Gijón, Spain: Sidra and Skateboarding

After more goodbyes and a few glasses of wine I was ridesharing to Gijón via Bla Bla Car. My driver, Alejandra, provided good music and conversation during our 3 hour trip. Gijón was a roman city and is the largest city in the Spanish province of Asturias with a population of approximately 300k. The locals are very proud that Asturias was never conquered during the centuries of Muslim Spain.

The King of Asturias that helped re-conquer Spain from the Muslims

Octavian Augustus, founder of the Roman Empire

I soon met my hosts Minoru, a Mexican with some Japanese heritage, and  Octavian, a Romanian, both are engineering students. There was a French Chilean girl also couchsurfing at their place. As soon as I arrived we all went to a bar to meet their friends, 30 Erasmus students. After a few drinks the bar was closing but everyone was still thirsty.... the solution? Move the party to Minoru's place.

During the journey home we splintered off into smaller groups. My group, 2 guys and a French girl, decided it would be a good idea to go skinny dipping in the ocean along the way. I've got no problem being naked but being naked in the Atlantic ocean in the middle of a cold night is another story. Since my team already had extra numbers I decided to sit this one out... at the apartment there was alcohol, guitar, singing and good times... until 7 am.

The next night Octavian and I were off to drink with his friends. Our mode of transport was skateboarding, of course. Skateboarding along the beach isn't a bad way to start a night out. Soon we were a group of 10 drinking at a Cideria (cider bar). Sidra (cider) is very famous in Asturias. It is flat and sour compared to the cider in Australia and most of the world. It is tradition for everyone in a group to use the same glass. The Sidra is high poured to allow oxidization. The glass is only part filled each pour and drunk in one mouthful. Most importantly the bars sell a 700ml bottle for a ridiculous price of 2 Euro.

The rest of my days involved walking around the town, hanging out with the friends of my hosts, bicycling, eating amazing home cooked food, watching How I met your mother and going to the market.

We don't have WiFi. Why not talk amongst yourselves?

After 4 nights it was time to say goodbye and head to a cafe outside the bus station with 3 hours to kill. I got steamed milk spilt all over my shirt. It burnt but accidents happen. My breakfast and coffee were free! After a couple of hours of being productive on WiFi I decided to grab lunch... free again! They can spill milk on me as much as they want.

Next stop the very famous Santiago de Compostela.

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  1. Nice!! hahahah and yes the muslims never conquered the north of Spain it was too cold and full of barbarians...hahahahah ;)